ABC Per Head Data Processing Center

ABC Per Head Services - Call Center Infrastructure, Sports Software and the best team of support staff to work for the improvement and growth of your sports business.

ABC Per Head Data Processing Center

ABC Islands Sportsbook is offering a Premium Per Head Service Price Per Head Information

What you will receive with ABC Per Head:

  • You choose from a full sports wagering menu
  • Thousands of propositions options
  • Live In Game Wagering (Full Live Wagering Coming Soon)
  • Live Casino
  • Online Casino
  • Mobile Wagering & Reports
  • Pools / Squares / Parlay Cards
  • Bracket Contests & more

ABC Per Head Services

Now that ABC Islands is offering a premium price per head service. Your players will have all the benefits of a professional sportsbook. We are the 1st full service agent and post up sportsbook to offer Price Per Head. You are joining a team of experts with over 17 years in the offshore betting industry.

Why is Pay Per Head Worthy?

Percentage Agents are partners with the house and share player wins and losses.

Pay Per Head Agents only pay the house a weekly fee to “write” the action for the players.  The agents are 100% responsible for the money the players win or lose.

Call Centers receive their revenue from Per Head Agents only.

Sportsbooks are companies who have a financial interest with percentage agents; meanwhile, agents receive a percentage of the wins and losses by the players. Most sportsbooks are only accepting recreational players, but there are still a few who accept professionals, and those who do are the most respected in the industry.

Call center lines are moved by action taken in other Professional books such as Pinnacle, CRIS, Jazz or Grande. Call centers use Don Best or Sports Options line service to see when the lines move and when professional books move, call centers lines move. This is the only way they can provide somewhat accurate line management. Call centers have NO financial interest in the lines they provide to players.

Sportsbooks lines are moved by the action they take. They know when a line is being bet by a sharp player and moved accordingly vs the action taken by recreational players, and the line management staff has all the information necessary to make sure they have the best lines in the industry. Also, owners and agents have the same financial interest in the lines provided to the player.

Call Centers expenses are mostly in the Agent Services Department, this is where most of the employees are staffed. Keeping the agents happy is the most important task for Call Centers.

Sportsbook expenses are mostly in the Wagering Department, which is where most of the employees are staffed. They know that the most important aspect of business is having experienced line managers and highly trained clerks to keep players happy all the time.

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