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Teams looking to acquire rights to Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson


At least two NFL teams hope to acquire former All-Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson if he wants to return to the NFL.
ESPN's Adam Schefter said that last week two teams have reached out to the Lions about trading for Johnson's rights,a with the NFL trade deadline taking place on October 31. The Lions though, are not too interested in making such a deal.
Even if the Lions agree to trade Johnson, the team acquiring him still has to convince him to come out of retirement and it's highly unlikely that they would be able to do so.
Teams trying to convince Johnson out of retirement is nothing new, but he's always been reluctant to listen to offers. Playing for the Lions, who barely made it to the playoffs during his time with the team weigh on him, but injuries and the game's physical toll were also reasons why he retired and his feelings about that haven't changed. Still, never say never in sports and it will be interesting to see if a team can change his mind.
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