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Joe Maddon's explanation for not using Wade Davis in Game 2 of the NLCS


Cubs manager Joe Maddon made a huge mistake when he chose not to bring his star closer Wade Davis into the 9th inning when Sunday's NLCS Game 2 against the Dodgers was tied 1-1. Maddon explained himself with a funny remark.
When asked about his questionable decision to let John Lackey in (who allowed a three-run walk-off home run to Justin Turner) instead of turning to Davis, Maddon said:
"It's important not to dry hump him, as the saying goes." 
Maddon expanded on his initial explanation by telling reporters that he only wanted Davis to pitch if the Cubs got the lead and that he did not want to make him warm up and not pitch.
It was an unpopular decision by the respected manager, who also said Davis was only available for one inning. Fans and experts ask themselves: wouldn't you rather send your most reliable reliever to keep the game tied and give your team a chance to win and worry about the rest later? That's precisely the question Maddon has refused to answer.
Right now the Cubs are in an 0-2 hole against the Dodgers and ABC Islands Sportsbook has them at +455 to win the series while Los Angeles is at -565. You can also bet on the Cubs to win the series 4-2 at +1400 or to win the series 4-3 at +700.
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