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Baker Mayfield has boosted his 2018 NFL Draft stock


The college football regular season is coming to an end, which means that bowl season and the 2018 NFL Draft projections are coming.
Entering the 2017 season, certain players generated high expectations, some have been exaggerated but some have been justified. That seems to be the case with Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield.
Mayfield is not considered one the best quarterbacks in the 2018 draft class, but his impressive statistical performances and his strong arm can't be overlooked and his stock has improved significantly. Mayfield, a former Texas Tech walk-on, has increased his completion percentage and his touchdown-to-interception ratio every season and he's projected to finish the season with over 4,000 passing yards. 
Some have compared Mayfield to Drew Brees because of his size (6-foot-1) and to Brett Favre because of his gunslinging style of play. It's hard to predict how far he'll take Oklahoma but teams looking at quarterbacks in the NFL Draft are starting to scout him.
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