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Andrew Luck's pain hasn't stopped, could miss rest of the season


Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is after more medical help as he looks to determine the source of his constant pain and soreness and he might miss the entire season if he can't find a definite answer.
According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, Luck is experiencing more pain after beginning to throw again, and he's hoping other doctors can figure out where the pain is coming from.
Luck underwent surgery on his shoulder in January, and the Colts were informed that he doesn't plan to be back on the field this season unless someone determines why he's still in pain after all this time.
Luck hasn't thrown since his latest setback a week and a half ago and at this point it makes more sense for the Colts to give up on the season and not push Luck to return. The Colts are just 2-6 right now and they will be better off if they take their chances on rebuilding in the next NFL Draft. 
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